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  • July 2009; "Babs"
  • watercolor flowers
  • 9"x14" Watercolor
  • Sleeping Puppy
  • Acrylic; Landscape


IV Society Pieces



Quick Pastel

College of Charleston Drawing Work






College of Charleston Artwork





Self Portrait; "Archetecture of My Mind"

Stick & Ink

Materials: stick and black ink

The Start of a Logo Business…

Here’s a logo I created for an Equestrian Show Barn in Canada called BayShore Farm. They wanted a loon (a bird that is common in that area) incorporated in their new barn logo. This is the final draft, which they now have in both digital and hard copy. 

I see this as a start to a potential business..! 

BayShore Farm

**Dog and Horse Portraits**

Here is a selection of past and recent commission portraits. I specialize in portraits of dogs and horses, however, other animals and people are becoming subjects in my artwork today. Please refer to the Contact page for information on how to have a portrait done of your pet!

December 2009; "Springer"
Oil Pencil

"Tony" oil pencil

"BoBo" oil pencil 2009

"Cooper"; Oil Pencil




First I go and take pictures of the animal, and in this case, a horse named Jet. Sometimes I’ll have the owner send me photographs of their dog or horse that are taken outside; this is because of how the light reflects off the animal’s eyes~ Expressive and bright eyes are the most crucial element to a good portrait.

I always start with the eye and move out from there.

As I slowly work out and tweak the proportions, I continue to layer existing drawing

I love it when I get a kick of enthusiasm and can work for 8 hours or more in one sitting. Its a slow process of layering pencil, so it feels great to make a lot of noticeable progress in one day

Finally started on the neck and bridal. Drawing in the bridal is among my favorite parts to do in horse portraits…it makes such an impact to have that white space filled in and it brings the sections together (forehead and nose). Its also a pretty quick process…just very detailed.

A Delicate Collection

A series of new charcoal drawings. All are 5″x7″ dog studies. Many more to come!

“mr. precious”

“Bath Time”

“Magnificent Tail”

“the curious one”

Flowers- A work in progress

watercolor flowers

Foxcroft Artwork

A few recovered pieces from my high school years at Foxcroft School.

New Friend

A new watercolor. For sale in Equine Divine.

9"x14" Watercolor

Summer 2010

Here is one of many new oil paintings I’ve done this summer that are for sale in Equine Divine. Stay tuned, pictures will be uploaded daily.

Jack Russell vs. the Barn Cat. 8″x6″ oil on canvas pair. Framed.